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Muse Name: Max Guevara
Muse LJ: catx5_452_fever
Fandom: Dark Angel

Age & Location: 22, Seattle Washington.
Occupation: First in command running Terminal City.
Relationship status: (depending on the verse, this is open verse, so...) Single
Family: Zane, Zack, Brin, Kryt, Ben, Logan, O.C. Big Fella, Alec, Tinga...
Interests/Hobbies: Driving my Ninja 650 fast, drinking at crash, performing bike tricks, hanging with my girls, pool.
Favourite food: Anything pre pulse, that Logan can cook
Favourite movie: Uh, don't see those.
Favourite accomplishment: Rescuing my family from confinement, giving them all freedom to choose.
Describe yourself in one paragraph: I am a no nonsense kind of a gal. I love cherry chapstick, and bubblegum. I love to drive fast, play, have fun, but I know when business means business, and I take care of my peeps. I like to play the hero, and I do not like when people try to oppress me, or my friends. I am kind, and loving, but it takes a couple of layers to remove get to the juicy center so to speak.

Any OOC notes: Looking for fun, interesting threads, and SL's dark, fluff, fun, evil, twisted, anything as long as we talk. I like to communicate, so I expect that in turn. You have any issues, or problems please talk to me. I hate when someone decides how things are going to go and don't take that there are others into consideration.
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